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Our 2014 investment in employee training and development

"Usually, you spend a lot more time in the weeds early on in your career and don't get a chance to see the forest for the trees until later," Hans says. "I’ve gained a lot of experience and have overcome some of those initial hurdles to establishing myself as a developer."

As a member of Comcast NBCUniversal’s CORE (Career Opportunities & Rotational Experiences) Technology program, Hans helped build the theme park’s WiFi network and create new measurement tools to assess its effectiveness. He also examined ways of using new technologies to understand how people move through the park and how long the lines are — vital information for long-term planning.

"Coming in right out of school, you don’t have all the tools you need for the specific business you’re going into," says Hans, who entered the rotational program in 2013 after graduating from Drexel University with a master’s in telecommunications and electrical engineering. "CORE Technology has given me opportunities to learn how to apply technology in a broad sense."

Devaki Dikshit
Devaki Dikshit, CORE Technology Associate, Class of 2016

"Being a junior engineer, you get very few chances to express a strong opinion. CORE helped me to ask questions and make my thoughts known without being scared."

— Devaki Dikshit
CORE Technology Associate
Class of 2016 

Launched in 2013, CORE Technology brings recent college graduates into our company to develop their technical, professional, and leadership skills over a two-year period. Amid fierce competition for programmers and engineers in our industry, CORE Technology offers a uniquely broad experience that helps attract — and keep — tomorrow’s innovators and leaders. The program rotates individuals through different sectors of the organization, enabling them to work on a range of projects in a number of different capacities.

CORE associates get to travel widely and see multiple parts of the business in action, which was particularly appealing for Hans. He has spent time in Los Angeles designing our Digital Screening Room, a mechanism for storing, managing, and processing digital video; and in Philadelphia, where he is working on the XFINITY TV Go app for streaming TV shows and movies to customers’ mobile devices.

The exposure to diverse teams, businesses, and ways of solving technical issues has been invaluable, Hans says.

Core Tech Group
Hans Formon (second from right) meets with colleagues during one of his rotations in the CORE Technology professional development program.

 "It’s encouraged me to keep an open mind about how to approach certain problems," he says. "Seeing the different specific solutions people have come up with, I’m just more aware of the potential differences when I start working with other groups."

Other CORE Technology associates agree the program creates opportunities that wouldn’t have been available otherwise. Devaki Dikshit started coding in high school, practicing her C++ skills by programming small cars to move from point A to point B. She went on to earn a master’s in computer engineering from George Washington University and is midway through the CORE Technology program. She says she can’t even count the number of new technologies she’s touched, but the bigger benefit to her has been the confidence she’s built.

"Being a junior engineer, you get very few chances to express a strong opinion," she says. "CORE helped me to ask questions and make my thoughts known without being scared."

Through the program, Devaki has worked with the core applications platform team on software used to store and deliver On Demand video content. She was also invited to participate in our TECHWomen conference, which brought together 100 of our female technologists from around the world. Devaki sat on a panel representing millennial women in engineering — giving her speaking exposure that isn’t often afforded to young professionals.

Both Hans and Devaki want to translate their skills and expertise into long-term careers with the company. Devaki, who has management aspirations, envisions working on the team responsible for broadening our WiFi network to reach new continents. Hans wants to continue expanding and honing his technology skills.

"I’ve had a lot of really great experiences and become a much more valuable developer," he says. "I want to stay at Comcast NBCUniversal because I have gained a lot here."