In 2012, Comcast and NBCUniversal provided more than $400 million in cash and in-kind contributions to local, regional, and national organizations that share our commitment to improving communities and enriching lives.



The Comcast Foundation is dedicated to investing in communities by expanding digital literacy, promoting community service, and developing the next generation of leaders. Since 1999, we have given more than $122 million to organizations in the communities we serve across the country.

We awarded $16.2 million in grants to more than 1,000 nonprofit organizations in 2012.



The NBCUniversal Foundation partnered with our NBC Owned Television Stations division last year to launch 21st Century Solutions, a competitive grant program that supports innovative, high-impact social entrepreneurship projects. We award grants to nonprofit organizations in seven categories: arts and media, civic engagement, community development, education, environment, jobs and economic empowerment, and technology.

The competition took place in 10 major U.S. cities, with one winning organization and two runners-up in each market — for a total of $1.2 million shared among 30 organizations. Winners included a micro-savings initiative aimed at helping low-income working families develop strong financial habits and an employment program that helps expand work opportunities for disabled youth.

See the full list of organizations that have received funding from our foundations.



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