"My team helps establish guidelines and practices to ensure the company and our employees do what’s right," Jen says. As the Chief Compliance Officer of Comcast, she is responsible for leading enterprise compliance efforts, including developing and operationalizing policies and procedures to ensure that we comply with international, federal, state, and local laws. She also works closely with NBCUniversal Chief Compliance Officer Alisa Shudofsky and her team in accomplishing those goals. Jen identifies and prioritizes the most important areas of risk — from what seems like an unlimited and ever-changing list — by collaborating with leaders across the business as well as internal and external lawyers.

"I think Comcast’s commitment to operating with the highest standards of honesty, fairness, and integrity is just as robust today as it was 50 years ago," Jen says. But one of the biggest challenges she and her team face is keeping up with a business that is constantly changing and expanding. "As we shape the future of media and technology and our footprint expands across the globe, the policies we rely upon need to adapt and keep up with our businesses," she says.

"I think Comcast’s commitment to operating with the highest standards of honesty, fairness, and integrity is just as robust today as it was 50 years ago."

—Jennifer Heller

Jen certainly understands the role that her group can play in facilitating the company’s continued growth. Prior to transitioning to compliance work in 2003, she spent four years handling mergers and acquisitions as an in-house attorney for Comcast.

Our Code of Conduct, which Jen oversees, communicates the expectation of legal and ethical behavior from all employees. "The Code of Conduct serves as our main tool to address employee conduct as it relates to business risk, and articulates how we, as a company, can operate ethically and in a way that is consistent with business success," says Jen. All employees are required to review and acknowledge the Code of Conduct annually.

"When Comcast and NBCUniversal joined together, we completed an overhaul of the Code of Conduct to create a more accessible and user-friendly document that reflected our values and brands," she says. The Code of Conduct is formally updated on an annual basis and is applicable companywide. "I am particularly proud of the way in which our various business leaders and subject-matter experts collaborated across the enterprise to review policies and create content that reflects our common underlying principles."

Jen notes that the Code of Conduct’s objective is to encourage employees to ask questions, seek guidance, and raise concerns when faced with ethical dilemmas. "The Code of Conduct cannot cover every conceivable topic or issue that an employee will encounter, and our goal is to provide employees with the guidance they need to make sound ethical judgments with integrity, and identify and seek out advice from knowledgeable resources within the company," Jen says. The links in the Code of Conduct provide employees with access to additional resources and guidelines, including stand-alone policies in each business unit’s employee handbook.

"There will always be new businesses, technologies, and laws that will require us to evolve our policies," Jen says. The Code of Conduct — now published in eight different languages — is constantly evolving. "For example, the Code of Conduct now references social media, which we could not have anticipated several years ago," she says.

However, Jen believes that the company’s commitment to operating with the highest ethical standards remains as fervent as it was at its founding a half-century ago. "What I’m most proud of is the role my team plays in continuing Comcast’s legacy of succeeding with integrity."



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