Their idea was to replace traditional business-to-business sales tools with an interactive Apple® iPad® app featuring the company’s catalog of films, TV series, and other programming. The app, which was developed in three months, gives sales representatives in France a more compelling way to share the latest DVD and Blu-ray releases with retailers while using fewer resources.

Instead of just relying on photos and text in a printed catalog, sales representatives can play movie trailers and TV clips on the iPad. They also have access to our latest pricing and ordering information. The app not only helps bring the power of our films and programming to life, but also saves significant paper and money. In its first year, the app conserved approximately half a million sheets of paper and eliminated $126,000 in printing costs.

For their innovative thinking, Régis, Nicolas, and Gregory were recognized in 2012 with an Eco GEM (Go the Extra Mile) Award, which honors NBCUniversal employees who promote green practices within their department and around the company. The Eco GEM Award, launched in 2010, is open to all NBCUniversal employees. Each year, executives nominate individuals and teams who embed innovation and efficiency in their work, and their successes inspire others to make environmental responsibility a priority.


"The app has totally replaced the sales sheet," says Régis, an Internal Coordination Manager who owns relationships with agencies, retailers, and wholesalers. "It allows us to present our entire lineup to customers in a fun and comprehensive way. Now we can share video trailers, update our catalog in real time, and tailor our presentations for each customer."

Customers love the new app in part because it lets Universal’s films and TV programs shine. "Before, the glossy brochures were the ‘star,’" Régis says. "Now customers can focus on the great content we’re offering."

Our customers and sales representatives alike appreciate the technology’s green benefits. In France, 30 iPads loaded with the app replace enough printed material to conserve 50,000 liters of water, and avoid the use of 4,000 liters of ink and varnish each year.

Régis, Nicolas, and Gregory presented the sales app to Universal Pictures Film France as a best practice. We see broad potential to adapt this tool for promoting NBCUniversal films and series to theaters and TV networks — reducing or even eliminating huge volumes of sales and marketing materials that are now printed.

"The app is a simple idea with big impact," says Gregory, Sales Manager for Universal Pictures Film France. "When a company of our size makes a shift like this, it strengthens our business as well as reduces our environmental footprint."



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