Reduce environmental impact

Reduce Environmental Impact

Our commitment to stewardship drives Comcast and NBCUniversal to find new ways of conserving energy and operating more efficiently. As we create technology innovations and practices that reduce our own environmental impact, we are also empowering our customers to save energy. Comcast and NBCUniversal invest in building environmentally sustainable facilities, expanding our fleet of fuel-saving hybrid vehicles, and promoting reuse and recycling in our productions. We also leverage our media channels to raise awareness of environmental issues and encourage others to conserve resources by making small changes in their daily actions.


Resource-saving mobile app nets 2012 Eco GEM Award

Régis Ecochard, Nicolas Viguier, and Gregory Lozé looked at stacks of sales brochures and saw an opportunity. They envisioned a way to rethink how Universal Pictures Film France engages with customers and, in the process, help our company conserve resources.

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Equipping homes for energy efficiency

XFINITY Home — our web-based home security and automation platform — allows users to automate timing for lights and control their home’s heating and air conditioning systems.

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Making our productions more sustainable

Across NBCUniversal, we look for creative ways to reduce the environmental impact of our film and TV productions — not only while the cameras are rolling but also behind the scenes.

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Encouraging consumers to conserve

As part of our environmental commitment, we look for ways to help our audiences and customers reduce their own impact.

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Operating more efficiently

Our commitment to reducing impact on the planet begins with our own operations. The size and scale of our business amplify the benefit of every step we take to conserve energy, reduce waste, and design more efficient solutions.

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