"We think our customers deserve to be part of the best, most secure network in the industry. No one else is doing it like us."

—Susan Jin Davis

"And one of the most important ways we can demonstrate that superiority and leadership is by keeping our customers’ best interests in mind," she adds. "That holds true whether we are helping protect them from online security threats or giving them more influence over what their kids watch on TV."

Susan, who plays a key role in facilitating our online security and parental control strategies, says her team is continually looking for ways to create the safest online environment among Internet service providers (ISPs).

"We think our customers deserve to be part of the best, most secure network in the industry," she says. "No one else is doing it like us."

We made significant strides in the area of online security in 2011, with the release of the Constant Guard Protection Suite, an Internet safety solution available at no additional charge to all XFINITY customers. Constant Guard offers such features as full password protection, secure logins for banking and shopping sites, the Norton Security Suite of antivirus tools, and a variety of identity theft safeguards.


View a public service announcement with tips for parents to help their kids stay safe online.


In 2012, we added a new feature to Constant Guard called DNS Lock, which validates the authenticity of each website a customer visits. "For example, customers may think they’re on the Bank of America website, when in fact they’ve been diverted to a fake website that is stealing their login and password and selling it without their knowledge," Susan explains. "DNS Lock creates a secure browsing experience that keeps them on the real site."

We also released Constant Guard Mobile in late 2012. Designed for smartphones and tablets, the mobile app helps XFINITY Internet customers safely browse, shop, and bank online while on the go. Constant Guard Mobile provides the same level of security as Constant Guard for PCs, but puts a greater emphasis on threats that are more common to mobile users, such as phishing scams that take advantage of the smaller screen size to hide fake URLs.

"It’s important for mobile users to understand that just because they’re not at home using their computers doesn’t mean they’re less likely to have these attacks," says Susan, adding that Comcast is the first ISP to offer a comprehensive security solution for mobile devices.

Robust parental controls are also key to improving our customers’ experience, but for a slightly different reason. "We want our customers to feel like they can customize our services for their needs," Susan says. "What they watch or don’t watch, what they browse or don’t browse. It’s important for us to accommodate our customers’ priorities and lifestyles."

XFINITY parental controls let customers restrict television content by age, subject matter, and language, while also blocking questionable web content from their children’s browsers. Most of the television controls are available through the XFINITY set-top box. We’re also working on technology that allows parents to activate the TV controls remotely from their computer.

It’s essential for Comcast to think on its feet because technology is changing so quickly, Susan says.

"People are communicating and accessing content in so many different ways," she adds. "Our challenge is to go where they’re going, and protect them across all the different platforms and technologies they’re using now and in the future."

Visit the Comcast online safety microsite.



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