10-4_trees_icon1 million trees

Green is Universal’s Share a Tree campaign, in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, led to 1 million newly planted trees in 2012.

NBCUniversal’s Green is Universal initiative incorporates environmental responsibility into almost everything we do, across all of our brands. The year-round initiative unifies our efforts to inform and entertain audiences with green-themed programming, consumer promotions, and events. It also pushes us to drive more sustainable practices in our own operations.

In 2012, we celebrated Earth Week (April 15–22) with a new Green is Universal campaign called One Small Act. We asked consumers to pledge to do one thing — take one small step — that would have a positive impact on the environment. People could log in to or use our One Small Act mobile app to make their pledges, set goals, track their progress, and share the experience with friends. NBCUniversal stars joined the effort, delivering their own green tips to encourage participation.

By the end of Earth Week, more than 1 million unique visitors had viewed One Small Act content, and they made more than 650 pledges. Their pledges resulted in savings of 7,846 pounds of waste, 74,384 tons of carbon dioxide, and 97,768 gallons of water. Earth Week also featured green-themed programming, on-air and digital promotions, and employee volunteer events and donation drives.

During the winter holiday season, we teamed with the Arbor Day Foundation on Green is Universal’s Share a Tree campaign. Participants could create a virtual ornament, spread the word through social media, or complete a pledge as part of One Small Act. For each of these actions, the Arbor Day Foundation planted a tree in a national forest or state park — 1 million in all.



At Universal Orlando, we do more than entertain our guests; we educate them about our efforts to conserve and recycle, and we empower them to take part. In 2012, we emphasized reducing paper use and increasing recycling across the resort, with informative displays and multiple opportunities to recycle throughout the park.

We added 100 new recycling collection stations, bringing our total to more than 2,200 across the resort. Teams across Universal Orlando cut their own paper use by moving to electronic, paperless systems, and printing only when necessary. Together with our guests, we recycled 1,152 tons of cardboard, 188 tons of mixed office paper, 331 tons of plastic bottles, and 169 tons of mixed metals in 2012. In total, we recycled 1,888 tons of waste from our total waste stream of 12,898 tons.

We also upgraded and replaced equipment throughout the resort to cut our energy consumption. By replacing 69 air handlers, five chillers, four motor generators, and three attraction air compressors, we will save an estimated 1.5 million kilowatt hours in 2013. To reduce our energy use even further, we’ve installed solar charging stations for our golf carts that generate approximately 13 kilowatts of power during peak periods. When they’re not charging golf carts, the stations direct solar power to nearby buildings, offsetting our use of commercial power.



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