Develop and engage employees

Develop and Engage Employees

Our nearly 130,000 employees make Comcast and NBCUniversal what we are. Their ingenuity and passion infuse everything we do, from providing exceptional service and innovative technologies to creating insightful and entertaining content. We create an attractive work environment — and reward our employees’ dedication — by offering competitive pay, comprehensive benefits, professional training, and opportunities to build leadership skills.


Building a career from the Page Program up

Fresh out of college in 1988, John Wallace seized a rare chance to take part in NBCUniversal’s Page Program.

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Heroes at work

Comcast and NBCUniversal actively recruit prospective employees with military backgrounds, and we provide an array of networking and professional development resources to help them succeed.

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Igniting interest in technology

The annual FIRST® Robotics Competition for high school students might appear to be only about solving technology challenges. But this event can also be an educational and career game changer.

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Building our future

We provide training and development for all employees at every level to help them — and our business — succeed.

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Supporting our employees and their families

As a leading media, entertainment, and technology company, we offer competitive benefits and support programs to help our full-time and part-time employees — and their families — live better.

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Creating a safer workplace

We support our employees by implementing safety policies and procedures that help reduce risk and promote safe practices.

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