Connecting media, technology and people

Connecting Media, Technology and People

Amazing things happen when media and technology converge. Eyes open. Communities come together. Information sparks action that helps individuals learn, grow, and prosper.


This is the unique power of our business. Comcast and NBCUniversal bring media and technology together in innovative ways that connect people across America and beyond, creating impact on a scale much larger than we could achieve alone. The key to our success is leveraging our unrivaled mix of assets and expertise to inform and inspire people. Our products, services, and content build on each other to advance our business while also fueling change for the greater good.


No one in the United States provides more residences and businesses with high-speed Internet access than Comcast, and we are leaders in delivering phone and digital video services. NBCUniversal reaches large and diverse audiences via television, film, digital content, and theme parks. Combining those strengths gives us an unprecedented ability to tackle a range of significant issues.


So when a natural disaster such as Hurricane Sandy strikes, we go above and beyond to not only deliver comprehensive news coverage and maintain key communications services, but also rapidly mobilize viewers to donate to relief efforts. Through these and other initiatives, we unleash the amplifying effect of media and technology to enable millions to make a positive difference. Not simply in their own lives, but in the lives of others.


Media offers more than a way to inform and motivate people in times of crisis. It offers opportunities to address larger, more pervasive challenges across the social spectrum. We believe we make our greatest contribution when we seize these opportunities to bring more voices into the dialogue and foster deeper understanding of issues that shape our world. Applying technology to fuel long-term, systemic change complements our ability to harness the power of media. Comcast’s initiatives to expand broadband adoption open up meaningful educational and career avenues for disadvantaged and low-income families. Narrowing the digital divide also unlocks communication, health, financial, and other online resources that can level the playing field and improve quality of life. By providing affordable high-speed Internet access for millions and promoting digital literacy, we’re addressing root causes of social inertia and inequality.


No one can connect media, technology, and people as Comcast and NBCUniversal can. Our initiatives, like our business, were diverse and far-reaching in 2012, but shared a common purpose: to empower more people to go farther, do more, and make a bigger difference.


Enrich Communities

Comcast and NBCUniversal give back to the communities we serve. We empower our local partners with resources to improve neighborhoods and create opportunities that change lives for the better. We also provide funding and in-kind support to deepen the positive impact of nonprofit organizations.

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Create Media That Matters

Timely, relevant information can inspire people and energize organizations to work toward social change. Comcast and NBCUniversal apply our unique strengths in media creation and delivery to educate audiences and move them to action.

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