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The explosion of streaming, new technologies, and artificial intelligence are fundamentally transforming people’s lives. To kickoff 2024, Comcast hosted its Converge event in Philadelphia where it showcased its latest tech developments and network advancements, designed to seamlessly integrate media and technology. The mission is simple: ensure customers can easily connect to what they need and love, on any device, anywhere, now and in the future.

Broadband Usage is Skyrocketing

Over the last four years, network traffic dramatically increased and the number of connected devices in the home rose by 40 percent. The trajectory of data usage continues to skyrocket where today’s super user is tomorrow’s mainstream.


The vast majority of smartphone data usage -- 90%, travels over WiFi, not cellular.


94% of all the devices in your home connect over WiFi

A World-Class Network

In 2020, we experienced three years of network capacity growth, virtually overnight. We were ready thanks to a technology we call Octave.

A modern living room with a large flat-screen TV displaying a football game, a white entertainment center, a green plant in a white pot. A remote control is in the foreground, on a table.


Entertainment is responsible for 70% of all the data that travels over our network.


NFL playoff game on Peacock, largest streaming event in U.S. history, accounting for 30 percent of all internet traffic in the U.S.


20% network traffic spikes from the launch of new/popular video games.


More than 23 million WiFi hotspots available for customers to use outside of their homes.

In 2023, we expanded our industry-leading network to more than a million new residential and business customers, and we’re on pace to do it again in 2024. To make this possible, since 2018, we invested more than $20 billion funding the largest network upgrade in the United States.

Connecting America’s Communities

We seek to partner with cities, states, and local communities to bring high-speed internet to all Americans – inclusive of every economic background and geography – urban, suburban, or rural. Our network investments create potential opportunities for all Americans to thrive.


Powered by nearly 300,000 miles of fiber, circles the Earth 12x.


Extended network to over 1 million new homes and businesses in 2023.


Invested $20B, funding the largest network upgrade in the U.S.

Entertainment OS


Comcast broadband and streaming devices running on our global platform.


Nearly 5B streams on our entertainment platform per week.


Execute more than 15B voice commands a year.

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