Xfinity Internet has always been about service in the home and our customers have had to say goodbye to our services when they walk out their front doors. But the world is changing and there has been an explosion of mobile devices like iPads, smart phones and laptops. As a result, our customers want to be able to access the Internet and their Xfinity services (including entertainment from anytime, anywhere.

Yesterday, we unveiled another new feature for our Xfinity Internet service that will help keep our customers connected at home and on the go. Xfinity WiFi will be included with our Internet service for no additional charge. We're starting with a couple thousand hotspots located in Greater Philadelphia, parts of New Jersey and Delaware and we plan to add another thousand or so before the end of the year. We'll also talk a lot with our customers about their experiences using WiFi before we decided to make it available in other markets.

(Don't forget, through a roaming agreement with Cablevision and Time Warner, our customers can also access thousands more hotspots in Northern New Jersey, New York City and Southern Connecticut.)

Our team thoughtfully and carefully considered where to place access points in areas where our customers are most likely to be - in shopping districts, in train stations and on platforms, near parks and hospitals and even at the Wells Fargo Center.

To find a hotspot near you or where you're likely to be, please visit