The TV Everywhere experience is key to the future of television.  We firmly believe, as Brian said at NCTA, "If you're not on every platform, you're missing an entire generation." But with so much top cable and premium content now available across so many screens, how will consumers have seamless access to the viewing experience they seek without having to log-on? 

We've been working with a number of engineers and business teams at Comcast to make this experience easier and simpler for consumers and secure for programmers.  Recently we launched Facebook Connect so that customers link their account to their Facebook account for simpler sign-in. We also have secondary email identification and rolling remember me, which keeps you signed in to a designated computer for 30 days until you sign out. 

We've now added something called Home Pass so that Xfinity TV and Internet customers accessing the website from within their home will be automatically logged in and will no longer need to sign in with a user name and password to access TV Everywhere content. It will give them immediate access to the massive library of more than 285,000 video choices available through our site, which is home to both On Demand and Live streaming TV content.  We offered a first trial of this feature during the London Olympics and March Madness 2013 and we’re now rolling it out permanently to our customers. And we’re already starting to look at ways to extend Home Pass to additional platforms in the future. Viewers have more incredible entertainment options today than ever in the history of TV, and we hope to continue delivering new technology and tools to help make these options more accessible than ever.