We believe our customers should have access to the tools to manage and personalize their Xfinity TV Content from the device of their choosing. Our teams are always looking to extend our apps to platforms that reach mass audiences and it’s with this in mind that we’re excited to make our Xfinity TV Remote app available on Microsoft Windows Phones. 

With this app, Windows Phone customers will now be able to use their device as a virtual remote control to schedule DVR recordings remotely; simultaneously search TV listings on live TV and Xfinity On Demand; personalize channel lineups; change the channels or tune to Xfinity On Demand on the TV; and even schedule their DVR when away from home. 

We’ve been working with Microsoft for a number of years on delivering our Xfinity TV experience to their devices. In 2012, we launched our Xfinity On Demand on the Xbox 360, giving customers the ability to watch more than 20,000 video choices through the console. We’re excited to keep working with them to bring our Xfinity apps to more devices and platforms in the future.