Xfinity Home offers so much more than traditional home security. It is a broadband and cloud-based platform that also provides next-generation remote home control and energy management features. The service enables customers to stay connected to their home and family through the use of a free Xfinity Home app as well as through any Internet-connected device.

As Xfinity Home continues to evolve and expand, we continue to look for new opportunities to work with innovative companies to bring the latest technologies to our customers. We've recently entered into an agreement with EcoFactor, which is a provider of "smart home" energy management solutions, to develop a service that optimizes the heating and cooling patterns of a home which accounts for roughly 50% of the average energy bill.

We're going to begin working with EcoFactor to create an energy saving solution that integrates an EcoFactor-enabled thermostat with Xfinity Home. EcoFactor provides a service that "learns" the heating and cooling patterns of a home and makes automatic and incremental adjustments to an Internet-connected thermostat based on real-time weather data. In addition, EcoFactor's software takes into account the thermal characteristics of the house and the temperature preferences of the occupants. Over time, EcoFactor estimates its service can help customers lower their energy use and potentially reduce the cost to heat and cool a home by 10%, 20% or even up to 30%. You can read more about EcoFactor here.

In addition to working with EcoFactor, we're adding four new features to our Xfinity Home service: an indoor/outdoor camera with night vision, a carbon monoxide sensor, water/flood sensor for a basement or wash room and some in-wall lighting switches that can be remotely controlled with our Xfinity Home app.