Bill Horrocks, Vice President, New Businesses, Comcast Cable, recently talked to Steve Castle at Techomebuilder about the Xfinity Home roadmap. Among the things they discussed were Xfinity Home integration in new construction, adding digital door locks and HD cameras for home monitoring. Xfinity Home also may come to our next generation X1 platform, which could make our entertainment operating system an operating system for your home.

Horrocks also noted that customers want Internet of Things solutions to everyday problems, like closing a garage door from an app. He’s finding that customers want more than just home security – they want a home automation solution that’s easy to use and anticipates their needs, a solution that the EcoSaver thermostat delivers by optimizing climate control for comfort and affordability.

Believe it or not, @comcast may have a cooler #energysaving thermostat technology than @nest. Yes, we said it.

— Steven Castle (@GreenTechSteve) January 29, 2014