The Xfinity launch this week is exciting from a product perspective because the timing with the Winter Olympic games gives us the opportunity to highlight just how much our products have changed. One of the most important aspects of Xfinity is the convergence of our services across platforms. (That¹s how we got the "X" in Xfinity.)

For example, you can watch live Olympic event video streaming and video highlights at, where we have set up an interactive multimedia report with medal counts, slideshows, event previews, feature stories and more.

You can also plan your Olympic event schedule online, via our SmartZone®

Communications Center, using a special calendar function that will tell you not only when an event airs, but the network (NBC or Bravo) and the exact channel number for your channel lineup (NBCHD 232 in my neighborhood).

Finally, On Demand coverage offers recaps from past Winter Olympics, information on this year’s Olympics, profiles and interviews of the athletes and next day highlights during the Vancouver Olympics. Most content is available in high-definition and includes a glimpse of Team USA and "next day" highlights.

So, enjoy the Opening Ceremonies tonight and all the great action over the next two weeks. Go USA!