Since 2007, Common Sense Media and Comcast have been working together to help families make the most of the media and technology in their lives. A central element of our partnership is providing parents with age-based media ratings and reviews so that they can make informed decisions about the movies and TV shows that are best for their kids.

On Tuesday, we took this partnership a step further. As Comcast CEO Brian Roberts demonstrated on stage at The Cable Show in Washington, DC, Common Sense Media's ratings will be fully integrated into Comcast's next-generation X2 platform -- providing clear, practical information for parents at the point of decision. This first of its kind platform is designed with today's families in mind. It will allow Xfinity TV customers to filter kids' content by age, making it even easier for parents to discover great movies and TV shows for their families. It also will provide Common Sense Media's ratings across platforms. Whether you're watching on a TV, PC, tablet, or smartphone, you'll have access to this valuable resource.

Common Sense Media’s ratings are based on child development guidelines and include helpful details about content and quality. As an independent organization, our goal is to help YOU make the right choices for YOUR family. After all, we think every family is different -- but all can benefit from more information about the multitude of media options out there. We're glad Comcast thinks so, too, and is taking such significant steps to empower parents in the digital world.