For the Rio Olympics, we made changes to our X1 sports app that helped customers get to the coverage, athlete profiles, stats and game information they wanted as quickly as possible.

And now, we’re adding all those same features to every sport in the X1 sports app including basketball, just in time for the start of ’16-’17 NBA new season.

Starting today, hoops fans can drill into pre-game stats such as team rosters, player profiles and conference standings. During the game, they can track real-time analytics, including player and team points, assists and rebounds - as well as detailed shot maps and scoring summaries. Post-game analysis will include a full recap of both teams’ performances.

We’re also adding voice search to the sports experience within X1. "What’s the latest medal count?" was one of the most popular commands during the Rio Games – used nearly 1.4 million times. So now X1 users can access player, team and game-related stats and graphics through their voice remote. Say "Philadelphia Eagles Stats" or "Eli Manning Touchdowns" and the result will pop up on the screen. And if you need help sorting through your fantasy sports rosters, you can ask for player comparisons like "Aaron Rodgers vs. Cam Newton." This voice feature will be available in the coming weeks for football and will be added to basketball and hockey later this year.

More than 35% of our X1 households engaged regularly with the sports app during the Rio Olympics, and we’re excited to bring these changes and enhancements forward and make the X1 sports experience even more pervasive for our customers.