With the finish line nowhere in sight, Furious 7 has already grossed an estimated $801.5 million worldwide in just two weeks in release, marking the fastest climb to $200 million domestically and the quickest to $500 million internationally of any film in Universal Pictures history, according to studio figures.

The seventh installment of the blockbuster franchise has topped box office charts in all 67 markets where it has opened, including weekend releases in China, Russia and Poland, where it became the biggest movie premiere ever in each of those respective markets.  In China alone the film took in an astounding $68 million in one day.    

Behind the muscle of Furious 7, the Fast & Furious franchise has eclipsed the $3 billion mark worldwide, ticking the odometer to $3.18 billion total.

Here are more highlights from Furious 7’s unprecedented run, courtesy of Universal Pictures:

  • Furious 7 had the highest-grossing domestic ($147.2 million), international ($250 million) and worldwide ($397.2 million) openings in Universal history, by a large margin.

  • At the North American box office, Furious 7’s three-day opening was Universal’s biggest opening ever, the highest-grossing April opening ever, and the highest-grossing individual Friday and Saturday.  Internationally, Furious 7 was Universal’s highest-grossing weekend ever and also the biggest individual Friday and Saturday.

  • Furious 7 is already Universal's highest grossing film of all time in 23 territories: Argentina, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Others Middle East, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Romania, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad, Turkey, U.A.E., Uruguay and Vietnam. 

  • Furious 7 has already out-grossed the international lifetime totals of all previous films in the Fast series.