When Comcast decided to participate in World IPv6 Launch, we committed to enabling hundreds of thousands of our customers with IPv6 by June 6, 2012. We are happy to report that we achieved this goal a few days ago, on May 24, 2012, and the number of customers enabled with IPv6 continues to grow every day!

To meet this goal, we launched and enabled IPv6 in over one-third of our broadband network, in areas that are served by Arris CMTSes.We project completing deployment on all of our Arris CMTSes in a few months time. We then expect to progress to the Cisco CMTS platform. In parallel, we plan to continue to work with cable modem and home router vendors to deploy IPv6-capable firmware to more customer devices.

While awareness and adoption of IPv6 has greatly improved from a year ago, there is a significant opportunity for consumer electronics companies, including home networking equipment vendors, to improve IPv6 deployment by shipping IPv6-capable devices and enabling IPv6 by default. As an example of the opportunity for grow, when we enable IPv6 today, we observe roughly 5% of users can take advantage of this. That percentage can increase dramatically if vendors act to enable IPv6 by default in software updates for existing devices and in newly shipping devices.

Reaching this milestone for our Xfinity Internet service,coupled with the launch of IPv6 on our key Internet sites ( Xfinity and Xfinity TV ) further illustrates our commitment to and continued leadership toward the deployment of IPv6 globally.

For all the latest on our IPv6 deployment, check out our IPv6 Information Center.