Meet Philly Jilly, the friendly face of This little avatar host has been around since launch of the new games channel in June 2009 and she’s here to stay. Inspired by the easy-going personality of the games marketing manager Jill O’Brien, Philly (as the community calls her) is the ultimate Comcast fan. Her 80’s hair, weekly changing outfit, friendly disposition, warm smile, and undeniable joie de vivreprovides the perfect dose of fun!

Philly’s friendliness gets her a

long way. Community members feel comfortable talking to her. Just

last month, Philly received an email from GammaDeb informing her of friendships that had been growing within the Pyramid Solitaire chat room. GammaDeb explained that a group began forming friendships on and stepped out from behind their computer screens to meet in person. They had the perfect occasion in mind: an engagement

party for ‘The Supers:’ Supermomma9325 and Superchrono who reportedly met in our very own "Pyramid

Solitaire Game!" It’s clear that the friendly Philly knows what’s goin’ on in

the games community.

At the beginning, Philly Jilly was a mascot, but since then she has grown into so much more—she still

stands about an inch high on our computer monitors, but Philly does big

things. Philly helped our customers make a smooth transition to an updated games service and four months later, Philly is out in the world! She's on Twitter and has her own Facebook fan pages, but most importantly she is a valuable resource to our community members.

Thanks for the help, Philly Jilly!