We've distributed more than 10 million X1 voice remotes and our customers are speaking into them about 200 million times a month to find what they want to watch. During the Rio Olympics alone, people used voice search almost a dozen times a day to find athletes, sports and countries they were interested in following.

It’s great to see that our customers are getting to the content they want quickly, discovering new shows and movies and hopefully, having a little fun along the way.

Speaking of fun, today we’re adding a new voice command that unlocks a special collection of content from one of the biggest names in comedy: Kevin Hart. It’s all part of a collaboration with Universal Pictures, Kevin Hart and his new stand-up film Kevin Hart: What Now?

By saying "what now" into the remote, X1 users will see a collection of all-things-Kevin: movies, extended clips, the What Now trailer, behind-the-scenes content, a special welcome message and more.

And we’ve also added a few voice control Easter Eggs that will make Kevin talk back to the viewer right after the right search. We hope customers try it out and have fun. And for those X1 users who don’t have a voice remote, pick one up for free here - http://www.xfinity.com/voice-remote-upgrade