For some of us, the end of summer is a dreaded time of year, as it means school is about start again. For others, including me, it is a time of great excitement as it means fall is arriving and most importantly, it's the start of football season, a time full of expectations and hope for you respective team (college, pro and especially fantasy).

Speaking of fantasy football, once you've done your research, spent hours drafting your team (at least that's how long it takes my league) make sure to check out NFL Redzone (check local listings for channel number) once the season starts. This channel is available every Sunday throughout the NFL football season and provides live action coverage each time a team gets inside the 20-yard line. The channel will also have in-studio coverage to provide real-time scoring and fantasy updates to fans. Yes, this channel does require a subscription to Comcast's Sports & Entertainment Package, but it is definitely worth it in my humble opinion. If you haven't already seen this article, check out Bill Simmons' brilliant fantasy ideas.

Being a parent of three, my TV watching, especially of football games, is limited (conventional TV watching that is). Now, I watch TV on my schedule thanks to the DVR. I make sure to set my DVR to record my game(s) of the weekend and watch them after the kids (and my wife) have gone to sleep. This has become my preferred means of watching football games. I can watch the game, replay critical plays to make sure to that my yelling (not really, because the kids are asleep) is appropriate and justified and fast forward though the commercials, halftime and the space filler of the commentators.

Comcast has also aided my football watching habit to ensure that I get my games recorded. If I leave the house without recording the game...not to worry, I can do so via the Comcast iPhone application or from any computer with the new remote DVR programming ability.

Also, for the first time in history, viewers with the appropriate 3D TVs and Comcast HD service will be able to watch college football in 3D on ESPN 3D. The first three games will be Boise State v. Virginia Tech (9/6), Ohio State v. Miami (9/11) and Clemson v. Auburn (9/18). ESPN is also planning to carry 10 additional games in 3D throughout the season concluding with BCS National

Championship game January 10. ESPN's full 3D schedule is available on their site.