We like to move fast here and we like to break new ground. One of the ways we are able to deliver thoughtful new product designs at a better than competitive pace is having an in-house user experience and design team. We have the enviable job of dreaming up the experiences, designing the look of our products and making them a reality for our customers. Speed to market is critical, creating an environment where we do not compromise the experience for our customers and deliver great experiences quickly makes a great partner with our development and product teams. 

To bring these products to life, my team works with the talented engineers, product developers and software architects at Comcast Labs in Silicon Valley, Seattle, Denver and Philadelphia — we have 40 PhDs, 10 Distinguished Fellows and hundreds of active inventors from a number of educational backgrounds. Together we focus on how to create the experiences our customers will love and then apply the right design and technology to make it simple, fun, easy and intuitive for them. Some of the world’s best products have been successful because they have a simple and elegant design that is incredibly easy to use — and that’s what we try to achieve.  We look to create a connection with users that builds over time, keeping it simple using familiar patterns and making the experience become a natural part of routines. 

So what has the design team been up to? Creating and perfecting designs and experiences like the Xfinity TV App, Streampix, Xfinity Player App, the X1 Platform and a few new things coming soon. 

Watch below to see what the Comcast UX design team is dreaming up next.