Last week, USA Network set out to redefine the way consumers watch and interact with TV by unifying the viewing experience across all devices. This seamless experience enables fans to engage content from TV to web to mobile devices. By creating immersive experiences through integration social media capabilities, brands and fans can engage with each other organically during live shows and related content, putting USA Network in the vanguard of the social TV revolution. 

To accomplish this, USA Network is offering TV Everywhere, gamification and real-time social TV to amplify the viewers’ experience. USA’s marketing partners will be able to participate in branded experiences and connect directly to fans across multiple digital touchpoints, starting this summer with Burn Notice and Graceland on June 6th

This strategy breaks down the walls between TVs and mobile devices. What it offers brands is an opportunity to have unified and fluid fan interaction, placing their presence within organic fan communities.Now brands will have the unique ability to live across any screen, going beyond traditional commercials to include transmedia storytelling experiences and streamed episodes. 

USA has brought this to life with cutting-edge technology that links the on-air experience with mobile devices and desktops. USA partnered with key technology leaders, including Bunchball, Echo, EPAM Empathy lab, RebelMouse and Watchwith.