Each fall, thousands of Comcast employees nationwide pledge to support the United Way, raising millions to aid the communities we serve and, in recent years, helping Comcast to rank as one of the country's largest United Way corporate campaigns. Altogether, since 2003 our employees have pledged more than $31 million to local United Ways, and the Comcast Foundation has provided an additional $11 million in matching grants. 

The reasons for giving are as varied as our employees who give — including some, like Chuck Quaile, who shares personal ties to the United Way. As this year's company campaign launches, read and hear Chuck's reasons for supporting the United Way.


It has been 28 years since I first began working for Comcast, as an installer in southern New Jersey. My wife and I have raised three children in the years since, years that include some of my finest memories but also some of the most difficult to think about.

Throughout it all, Comcast has been there for me — including during a fire that destroyed our family home and the irreplaceable photos and other personal belongings inside of it.

That fire changed my life in many ways — and in at least one I could not foresee.

Until that tragic moment, I never gave to United Way. I never thought I would need that kind of help. But when I did, one of the organizations United Way supports, the American Red Cross, was there for me, providing comfort at a moment of deep loss and sadness.

I am honored that Comcast has asked me to share why I give to United Way.  You never know who you might help.