There are many different ways that Comcast employees give back to the communities we serve. On Comcast Cares Day, our annual, company-wide day of community service, thousands of our employees work side-by-side with family members, friends, and community partners on hundreds of service projects. This hands-on work has transformed neighborhoods, parks, schools -- you name it -- across the country.

Another way Comcast employees give back to our communities is through United Way. Giving to United Way is part of our company's DNA. When Ralph J. Roberts founded the company in the 1960's, the very first organization he directed the company to support was United Way. And, Comcast employees have been giving to United Way ever since.

At Comcast, we recognize the great need for United Way support in hundreds of communities across our footprint. Whether the need is a result of a natural disaster, or the loss of a home due to fire or flood, or a sick child or relative who needs assistance, United Way is there to help.

Last year, our employees set a new record for giving to United Way. Nearly $4.9 million was pledged during the campaign. We've chosen a theme of "I give because" for this year's employee campaign which will begin this Monday, October 17th.

We've heard from a number of our employees about why they give to United Way. And, sometimes, even our own employees need help from United Way. You can view some of their testimonials in the video above.

For me, I give because I know there are countless individuals living across the country that cannot afford healthcare. So, when I pledge to United Way, I know I am helping someone less fortunate than me get the care they need and deserve. For any of us, you just never know when it could be you that needs the help of United Way.

Please, support the United Way campaign and know you are making a difference in someone's life.