The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences will award Tony Werner, president of technology and product for Comcast Cable, an Emmy in honor of his distinguished career as a technologist, innovator and leader.

The Academy’s Engineering Achievement Committee selected Tony to receive the prestigious lifetime achievement award, noting the pivotal role he has played in advancing the industry’s technological growth.

"Over the last twenty-five years, Tony has been one of the leaders in the digital revolution in video, voice and data services in our industry, delivering world-class products to consumers and companies alike," said Robert P. Seidel, committee chairman, and vice president, CBS Engineering and Advanced Technology in a press release announcing the award.

Tony’s Technology and Product team leads the design and development of Comcast’s world-class products, including the X1 Entertainment Operating system and ultra-fast Internet and Wi-Fi. His team also builds and operates one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated converged IP networks, as well as leading software development, systems engineering, next-generation access networks, cloud computing, technical operations and R&D within Comcast. 

Tony will receive the award at the 68th Annual Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards Ceremony, slated to take place at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, in January, to coincide with the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES).