As many of you may know, Comcast has offered self-installation kits that let you set-up one or two of our products on your own schedule. When we started thinking about redesigning those kits to be even more user friendly, we turned to two experts in that field — our customers and a leading innovation firm called frog.

Who is frog, you may ask? Well, if you're a fan of Disney, Hewlett Packard or Intel, chances are you've experienced frog's work in product, packaging, and service design, as the firm counts these companies among their clients.

After reviewing our existing self-install kits with frog, we developed several concepts, including a first-of-its kind three-product kit, which we tested with customers for feedback. Not surprisingly, ease and convenience topped the list of desired features.

I recently had the chance to preview the new Xfinity Triple Play self-installation kit for video, Internet and phone services. I found this to be a user-friendly option for people who want to easily begin using our TV, voice and Internet services out-of-the box. Check it out.