The customer reaction to our X1 platform has been so amazing that we’re expediting our launches to get it in the hands of our customers as quickly as possible. In July alone, we added 15 new markets and are on track to deliver this next-generation TV experience throughout our footprint by the end of the year. 

Earlier in July, we added a number of markets throughout Florida, Tennessee and Delaware. And most recently, we added areas of Michigan, Indianapolis, Twin Cities and several markets throughout the west including Seattle, Portland, Denver and Salt Lake City.  We are thrilled to now be in a total of 27 markets.

But what you really want to know is when can YOU get it. X1 is the future of entertainment. As it rolls out across the country, we're making it available to new Triple Play customers and plan to start offering it to existing Triple Play customers in those markets soon. As our go-forward video platform, our end goal is to make it available to all Xfinity TV customers across the country, and our teams are working hard to make that happen as soon as possible.