The X1 Platform took our TV experience in a new, more progressive direction, marking an industry benchmark in the world of entertainment. From a UX perspective, we understood the next iteration had to be a more holistic experience, one that could move content across devices while adapting to the ever-changing needs of our customer in a way that felt natural and seamless. 

So we got to work. 

A hand-picked team of designers and UX architects started conceptualizing this new endeavour, reimagining features and designing user scenarios to better fit the evolving habits of our customer. We dug into research. We asked questions, lots of questions, about the spirit of entertainment, from its universal appeal to individual consumption. We wanted to make something that was second nature, an experience so personal, that you couldn’t imagine using anything else.  

We started designing with a single mantra in place: Keep it simple. Why? Because watching TV should be a simple pleasure, despite the growing complexities around entertainment and technology. We kept all that complexity behind the scenes. We trusted our instincts and reworked the details until we delivered something elegant, fun and intuitive, something that could be used without a manual, right from the start. 

We listened to our partners, our peers, and of course, our customers. We took into account the hard nature of change. We refined, ran through different iterations, tested, trashed and went back to the white board again and again. 

At its core, we knew the platform had to be personal, extensible and able to blend content from different sources. It had to be device agnostic, delivering the entertainment our customers craved, whenever the mood would strike, wherever they might be. 

We knew the design had to be unique and beautiful, visually captivating, easy to scan and voice enabled to accommodate a broader range of customers. We wanted to make content discoverable, relying on intelligent design to anticipate needs through patterns and observation. We had to make it effortless for customers to take full advantage of our vast content library - the cornerstone of our Xfinity TV service. By simplifying what was on screen, offering smart, intuitive choices, we made it that much easier for customers to engage. We focused on delivering the right assets, at just the right time, redefining premium service in the process.  

Our team grew by adding more designers, product and program manager, engineers, and marketing and business stakeholders as we grew our concepts to a launching product. We prototyped every layer in high fidelity, considered eco-friendly materials and never stopped asking questions. Eventually, our efforts, our way of thinking, became a system, a manifestation of the brand itself. We leveraged this amazing opportunity to humanize and rethink what entertainment means and what it could mean in the future.  It’s been a pretty incredible experience so far and we hope you, and our customers, enjoy using the product as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing it to life.