Television is unmatched in its ability to combine the power of a visual and audio message with the broad reach to be seen by millions of people. One of the things we're most proud of at Comcast Spotlight is being able to put that power to work to help raise awareness of important issues and to benefit organizations that work to better the communities we serve.

As the nation pauses this week to mark Veterans Day and to reflect on the innumerable sacrifices of those who have serves our country, Comcast Spotlight has partnered with The Mission Continues, an organization that helps wounded and disabled veterans continue serving their country as "citizen leaders." As the organization says on its website, "While injury may have changed the nature of their service, their mission continues, and it is as important as ever."

Through a fellowship program that places veterans with community organizations throughout the country, The Mission Continues is sending a powerful message to those injured while defending our nation: "We still need you." The results are inspiring: more than 90% of those who have participated have gone on to work in the private sector following their fellowships.

To help more people learn about The Mission Continues and how they can help, Comcast Spotlight brought together a group of veterans to tell their inspiring stories in creating public service announcement (PSA) above. This week, it will begin airing on all of the major cable providers, including Comcast, and will continue airing through the end of the year. And though a 30-second video can only feature a portion of what those soldiers shared with us, we think you'll be as impressed with The Mission Continues' work as we are. If you'd like to help, there are many ways you can make a difference, from making a donation or sponsoring a fellowship to taking part in a service project to volunteering with the organization.