The Cherokee Word for Water is an award-winning film about Wilma Mankiller’s work as a community organizer for the Cherokee Nation in the 1970s and 1980s. As a community organizer, Wilma spearheaded the construction of an 18-mile water pipeline system to bring running water to Cherokee families. Through this project, Wilma instilled hope in the Cherokee people through "gadugi", which is the Cherokee term for working together to solve a problem.

I am very proud that in honor of Native American Heritage Month, Comcast is partnering with Native American filmmakers and the American Indian Film Institute to provide a platform for Wilma’s story, and so many others. On Demand and on the XFINITY TV Go website and app, XFINITY TV customers can access Native American documentaries and films about the countless contributions of Native Americans, life on the reservations in the mid-1800s, and Native American veterans.

"Our unique partnerships with Native American filmmakers and the American Indian Film Institute allows us to provide additional exposure of their dynamic history and captivating stories, while paying tribute to their significant contributions to modern society at the same time," said Keesha Boyd, Executive Director, Multicultural Consumer Services, Comcast Cable.

I am truly grateful Comcast is featuring these remarkable Native American films, including The Cherokee Word for Water, which was voted the best American Indian film in the last 40 years in a 2015 American Indian Film Institute survey. Wilma’s legacy - her work in the nation she loved and served so admirably - carries on through the film and the Wilma Mankiller Foundation. It is also inspiring communities across the nation to dream big and to address issues of access to nutritious food, affordable housing, access to clean water, and other longstanding needs.