Sometimes streaming isn’t an option for families on-the-go — maybe they’re flying, maybe they’re on the train with less-than-ideal coverage, or maybe they’re out of range of WiFi. With the download feature, our Xfinity TV Player app allows customers to download content directly to their mobile devices for offline viewing. Once they’ve downloaded what they want, they can disconnect and still watch that content on the go — retaining that "anytime, anywhere" entertainment experience they are looking for. 

As we head into the peak of summer travel season, this feature gives traveling families more than 1000 family-friendly movies and TV shows to download and watch on tablets and smartphones in places even when they’re not online.  Movies like Finding Nemo, The Muppets, Brave and Freaky Friday are all available to download as part of a customer’s Xfinity Digital TV, Streampix and premium subscriptions, as well as content from Sprout, Kabillion, Warner Brothers and Cookie Jar.  Additional downloadable content is available from Starz, Encore, MoviePlex and Showtime. 

We’ve also tried to make the download experience as easy and intuitive as possible by adding a single tap filter to indicate which TV shows and movies are downloadable. We also provide two different quality levels customers can choose from: a higher quality, bigger download file and a good quality, smaller download file. Check out the gallery to see how easy it is to download content for your kids this summer or anytime.