We’re thrilled to announce the grand opening of our newest store, Studio Xfinity in Chicago, a unique customer destination where we’re bringing together the best in technology and customer service.

This store is the first of its kind for us – it’s a center where customers can get their simplest or most complex Xfinity issues solved, but it’s also an innovation hub where we’re trialing new technologies to improve the in-store experience. We’ve been experimenting and perfecting this new engagement model for more than a year, working on new escalation models and seamless integration with the My Account app. All of this experimentation has been done entirely with the customer in mind.

Innovative new store features include:

  • An Associate Toolkit that will give store team members a detailed, proactive view of the customer’s account

  • Online Appointment Scheduling that allows guests to make appointments in advance from their computers or mobile devices

  • A new Customer Engagement Model where store representatives greet customers as they arrive and serve as a guide throughout their visit, and as their primary point of contact after they leave the store

  • Intelligent Queueing that allows customers to reserve a place ‘in line,’ enabling them to explore the store while they wait for a representative

  • Demonstration Towers where customers can experience the latest in Xfinity entertainment

  • Events and Activities for the entire community like educational workshops, movie nights and other special events

  • The store has over 800 feet of LED screens and large-scale media installations including a 107-foot-long LED media band wrapping the store’s upper walls.


These changes are all a part of our larger effort to improve the customer experience, which includes redesigning all our stores. We’ve renovated or built 128 new stores to date and plan to reach all locations (more than 500) in the next few years.

Studio Xfinity’s grand opening events were held earlier this month to celebrate this new retail experience. If you’re interested in learning more, check out www.studioxfinity.com or visit the store at The Shops on Fremont, 901 W. Weed St.

We’ll see you there!