Recently I hit the road, video cameras in tow, to chat with some folks out in the real world. On my first stop I sat down with Steve Hackley, our SVP of the Greater Boston Region and Comcast Voices blogger, to chat about the Customer Guarantee.

The Customer Guarantee, in a nutshell, is our written promise that we’re holding ourselves accountable for providing you with a consistently positive experience. All of our products have a 30-day money-back guarantee, we respect your home and your time, and if we miss a scheduled appointment time you’ll get a $20 credit to your account. You can read all about the Customer Guarantee here (and check out some more videos here).

Steve has been involved with the Guarantee from the start, so it made perfect sense for us to chat about what the Guarantee is, how people are reacting to it, and what the future holds for the Customer Guarantee. Check out the video for the interview, and be sure to get more information about the Customer Guarantee.