startrekpic.jpgI don’t think it will shock many to hear that I am a self-confessed Star Trek fan (I respond to either Trekker or Trekkie). I haven’t met a variant of Star Trek that I didn’t like (though I will admit that Voyager didn’t really do too much for me). This is why I am so excited that starting today, and lasting until January 13th, all 11 Star Trek movies are available On Demand in HD, the first time all the movies have been gathered in HD in one place.

Not only are all the Star Trek movies available On Demand (as well as "Galaxy Quest," a bonus sci-fi treat) but all the episodes of the Original Series are available on

I can’t think of a better holiday gift for Star Trek fans. I know I plan to send my holiday weekend working my way through all the Star Trek movies in order.

I’ve embedded by favorite episode of the Original Series after the jump. Click ‘Read more’ to find out which episode I love, and be sure to name your favorite episode in the comments!

I was going to embed Spock’s Brain, which is generally accepted as the worst episode of Star Trek, but I couldn’t do it. City on the Edge of Forever is just too good not to embed.

What’s your fav?