Comcast is celebrating Black History Month with special programming On Demand and online that recognizes African American culture and contributions to American society. It's also the first anniversary of Black Cinema, a monthly video-on-demand collection highlighting black films and filmmakers, past and present. The programming is varied and rich, with films ranging from "Amistad" to "Boyz N the Hood," to "Blood Diamond;" there are also biographies on Barack Obama, Maya Angelou, Condoleezza Rice, and Bill Cosby; sports specials, music, and documentaries. As the Executive Editor of XFINITY TV, I can tell you that the selection of this content gives our consumers and us a chance to explore new material and reacquaint ourselves with favorite movies, music and personalities from the past.

Last month, I began looking at movies we could promote on as special selections during Black History Month and it allowed me to re-watch "Lilies of the Field," which earned Sidney Poitier an Oscar as Best Actor in 1964. The humanity in that picture still resonates strongly today, 47 years later. I also went down a path of Spike Lee movies, including "She's Gotta Have It," "School Daze," and "Crooklyn," and ended up with his look at New Orleans five years after Hurricane Katrina, "If God Is Willing and Da Creek Don't Rise." As a body of work, it's a remarkable social history -- and excellent movie-making. I admit, it helps to travel and have time in airports to watch these films.

Right now, I'm setting up an interview for's blog with basketball legend Kareem Adbul-Jabbar to discuss his documentary "On the Shoulders of Giants," an inspiring look at the pioneering all-black basketball team, the Harlem Rens, which is featured On Demand, starting February 15. Next on my watchlist? Two films from the 1950s -- "The Joe Louis Story" and "The Jackie Robinson Story." But there's so much more. I urge you to explore this rich material On Demand and online. It's a reflection of our longstanding commitment to diversity. It's also just excellent, often enlightening, and sometimes provocative entertainment -- and we're committed to that, too.