Sony Style Comcast Labs officially opened for business yesterday in the Comcast Center. This store is a partnership between Sony and Comcast where you can get a sneak peek at some of the cool stuff we're developing here at Comcast running on Sony's cool gear.

Since being Chief Blogger here has its privileges I was able to get an advanced preview of the store (jealous?) and I have to say it is pretty neat. The store has a super fast Internet connection thanks to Comcast's Wideband which will blow your mind (we're talking 100 Mbps here, and for you non-technical folks out there that is very, very speedy) and is one of the only places you can get a glimpse of our enhanced cordless phone. Never heard of it? Well, we'll be blogging about it more in the coming weeks, but imagine if you could check your email, respond to IMs, and search the Yellow Pages all from your home phone. Sounds useful, right? The enhanced cordless phone will do it all, and look pretty snazzy while doing it.

Of course there are plenty of Sony goodies to look at as well. I'm a gadget guy myself, and two things really caught my eye: the P series Vaio which is just super tiny and the OLED TV which is a super thin 11 inch TV with an amazing picture, and an equally amazing price tag ($2500, though I imagine that price will fall over time).

Check out this video of the opening of the Sony Style Comcast Labs featuring our very own CEO Brian Roberts, along with a host of other Comcast and Sony execs. You can also check out some pictures of the store (taken before it opened to the public) here.