According to a recent Nielsen study, conversations on Twitter help drive new audiences to TV shows.

This is one of the reasons we developed SEEiT and launched it with Twitter: to help reduce the friction in moving from social discovery to video consumption by linking directly from the ‘buzz’ to the places people watch.  SEEiT has been live for only a few months, but our early data is encouraging.  So far, more than 50 percent of people who engage with SEEiT through Twitter watch or record a show as a result.

But this isn’t all we’ve done to embrace this exciting trend. As a cloud-based platform, X1 unlocks enormous potential for us to bring these social recommendations directly to where people watch the majority of their content - the biggest screen in the home.

Our team of designers set out to determine the best way to do this. We wanted to embed the social buzz from Twitter so our customers can benefit from Twitter's rich conversation about TV when they make their entertainment choices in the X1 guide.

We wanted it to be real-time, seamless and easy.

Last week, we rolled out several social features in X1.  For shows that people are talking about the most on Twitter, we add the familiar Twitter logo to their guide listings. Seeing this logo next to a movie or TV show will tell users it’s something that’s currently trending on Twitter.

We have also added "trending" as an additional sorting filter alongside movies, kids and sports, etc. This filter pulls data from our own platform and is based off what other X1 customers are watching at the moment.

This is a fast moving category, and we’re excited to continue to experiment, partner and develop the best tools for navigating through the tens of thousands of choices we give our customers.  We want to give you the control to find the perfect video on the right screen at the right time.  If you have great ideas, let us know!