Graduation season is in full gear, so there’s a good chance that you’re taking some pretty important pictures. My wife took this picture at my twin daughters’ Kindergarten graduation just last week. I have about a dozen more that will always remind me of that special day. Or maybe you’ve digitally recorded those special wedding or vacation memories. Pretty soon, they will wind up on your computer for you to enjoy, forever, right? But what if your computer crashes? It happens – viruses, electric storms, or just plain old computers need to eventually be replaced. But what about those memories – will they survive?

Sure, you may have an external hard drive – but do you use it – regularly? If your computer crashed right now – how many files would have been lost since your last backup? Plus, external drives are not fool proof – like your computer’s hard drive – they can crash.

The good news is that Comcast launched a product earlier this year, called Secure Backup & Share. It automatically backs up your important files when your computer is connected to the internet and stores them on secure online servers. So no more worrying about having to backup your computer – and no more cumbersome CDs and disks to keep track of. Even better – once your files are backed up, you can access them from an internet connection (or compatible mobile phone) through your personal online vault. The best news? You get 2GB of online storage at no additional cost with your Comcast High-Speed Internet subscription.

So here’s to a great kick off to Summer! Take all those fun pictures (I’m the one in the middle, by the way) and rest easy knowing that those memories will be around for years to come, no matter what happens to your computer!