Washingtonians have long enjoyed spending summer evenings on the Mall, doing the HBO dance, and watching a vintage movie al fresco on a giant screen thanks to Screen on the Green. Sadly, it looked like this year Screen on the Green was a no go. People turned to Twitter, blogs, and Facebook to express their disappointment.

That’s when Comcast stepped in to help HBO and the Trust for the National Mall make sure that Screen on the Green wouldn’t miss its 10th anniversary. Screen on the Green lives: starting on July 20th, and running until August 10th, a classic movie will be projected on a 20’ x 40’ outdoor screen between 4th and 7th Streets. What’s the first movie you ask? One of my favorites: Close Encounters of the Third Kind (the full schedule will be available soon).

Best of all the screenings are free. If you’re in, or around, Washington DC grab a chair, take the family, and watch a great movie surrounded by such local sites as the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument.

As Roy says in Close Encounters, ‘This means something. This is important.’