I was always fascinated with my mom and dad’s wedding. Maybe because it’s the closest little girls ever get to hearing about a real life fairytale. My mom and dad’s fairytale happened to take place on the same day Elvis Presley died. She told me how their celebration quickly turned into shock and disbelief as they joined the world to mourn the loss of "The King". I never understood what the big deal was until our "King" (of Pop), passed away.

His influence transcended music alone. If you grew up in the 80’s, chances are, there was someone on your block with a replica Thriller or Beat It jacket and perhaps even a single white glove, perhaps that person was you.

His fashion, dance moves, and over-the-top lifestyle, will never be forgotten. And his revolutionary music will be remembered forever. Myself and the rest of the Comcast team worked furiously to make Michael Jackson’s greatest hits available On Demand…from one fan to another.