Did you know you can setup SmartZone to check email for all your email accounts across the web including all your secondary comcast.net accounts and 3rd party email accounts like Google and AOL? We recently released enhancements to this capability that makes the process more user friendly. These enhancements include the ability to view all your added accounts from the Home tab in SmartZone, set the reply to address for each account, and when replying to any email, select the email address from which you would like replies to come.

Also, we recently launched a feature that provides comcast.net secondary users in your household access to your Comcast Digital Voice (CDV) voice mail online directly from SmartZone (Phew, no longer responsible for passing voice mail messages on to my wife!) Just in case you are worried about security or don't want to allow a secondary user access to voice mail online, the primary user will need to grant access to voice mail for the secondary user. We have all the instructions, right here, for you to go set that up. Again, the primary user must grant access, so if you have a secondary account, let the primary user know.

Coming up next...a SmartZone Calendar tab, additional CDV online calling features, reading pane preferences, and the ability to send email to multiple contacts directly from your address book. Stay tuned!