Over the past few years, Comcast has been quietly transforming how we think about our products and services. We're reengineering how we do business, and have been evolving a software company inside our larger organization with a very simple goal: keep delivering better and better product experiences that help our customers enjoy all the content and services they want, faster than ever before. 

A recent proof point: our world class team of designers and engineers have re-imagined the TV viewing experience with the development of the X1 platform —the first IP, cloud-based entertainment operating system. While the din of PC, mobile and web has been loud, we’ve been investing in innovation on the largest and most social screen in the household:  the TV. 

But that doesn’t mean we’ve been ignoring those other screens.  Our goal is to be the best, everywhere we touch our customers. 

Comcast is also constantly updating and improving PC and mobile experiences like Xfinity.com/TV and the Xfinity TV Player app. Recently, we deployed a new home-grown video infrastructure (we call it 'VIPER') that streamlines the delivery of all professional content through the same broadcast-grade, programmable pipeline. This translates to a more consistent, cost effective, and high-quality viewing experience no matter where our customers watch – on TV, online, on mobile devices, on gaming consoles. 

And it shows – the Xfinity TV Player app is now one of the highest rated video applications in the iTunes app store. 

Ultimately, we’ve been working to be more flexible and focused by engineering systems and tools that enables us to move nimbly.  We want products that meet the evolving needs of our customers, and so we’re constantly making nuanced improvements – success comes from sweating the details. Some small examples: with the latest X1 Platform update, you can now see the battery level of your remote control – right on your TV (under Settings->About), and on the Xfinity TV Player app, we adjusted the presentation of shows and movies, making it easier to find content that is part of your subscription.  We want to create simpler, more gratifying experiences. 

And it works – we’re seeing a consistent and material increase in app downloads year-over-year. 

Oh, and we’re just getting warmed up.