Q: How is OSRAM SYLVANIA helping with the evolution of the smart home?

ES: We are providing key components to the smart home portfolio with our SYLVANIA ULTRA iQTM wireless controlled LED light bulbs.  The ability to access your lighting remotely, will enable energy savings, provide the ability to create lighting scenes in your home, and an add an element of safety for the home owner. 

Q: How is the evolution of Internet of Things influencing the way we think about the smart home?

ES:  It creates a whole new way of interacting with the world and our homes.  To virtually view and control our homes through a smart device provides endless possibilities that have never been realized before.  Consumers will wonder how they ever lived without it.


Q: What trends do you see emerging in smart home space?

ES:  Lighting will be a part of our life in ways we never used it before.  From setting lightscapes in a room, to turning lights on and off remotely, our bulbs will continue to get smarter and evolve to meet demands.  Consumers are now looking for products that combine features and controllable devices.


Q: What is the latest in lighting technology and how is it affecting consumer behavior?

ES: The latest in lighting technology is LED or light emitting diodes.  Innovative LED lighting solutions will improve the quality of life, reduce the impact on the environment and provide significant cost and energy savings to consumers.  LED technology allows for the ability to insert intelligence for wirelessly controlled lighting and to use light in ways never before imagined.


Q: Any thoughts on what’s to come in the future?

ES:  The LED light bulb, typically located front and center of a room, will be the starting point behind what will come in the future.  With these great lighting innovations come great opportunities to add incremental and value features such as those incorporated into home automation systems, such as Xfinity Home.  We are in the midst of a fundamental transition from basic products to intelligent networked solutions and the LED light bulb will be at the forefront of this movement to improve our quality of light and quality of life.