September brings the end of summer, and the start of the school year. Gone are those carefree days when the only thing you could be late for was meeting your friends at the pool and the only homework you had was eating as many hotdogs as possible.

Now all that summer fun is over, and now its time to hit the books, kids (though I will admit that I always had fun in school - I’m something of a nerd). After a long day at school, and soccer practice, and then band practice, you’re going to want to relax a little. Good thing you can watch a bunch of going back to school themed episodes of some of your favorite cartoons including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Sonic X and the Winx Club (available On Demand under the Kids > 4Kids TV menu). Nothing says the end of the school day like some cartoons.

If you’re looking for something a little more crafty, Activity TV On Demand has you covered. Dress up your boring pencils (every pencil looks better wearing a costume), cook up some delicious granola bars or cheddar-apple kabobs, or create your very own hobo bag suitable for ridin’ the rails or going to a friend’s house for a sleep over. You’ll find all these crafts, recipes, and more under the Activity TV menu of the Kids section of On Demand.