The Productivity@Work winners have been announced!

The four Grand Prize Winners are:

  • ABJ Community Services, Inc. (Chicago, IL) – an accredited 501(c)3 recognized community-based organization licensed to provide child welfare, substance abuse counseling and treatment services. Web site:
  • Callanan & Klein Communications (Newton, MA) – a boutique public relations firm that designs and executes public relations campaigns and event marketing programs. Web site:
  • Travelers Haven LLC (Denver, CO) – provides corporate and temporary housing to more than 500 companies nationwide. Web site:
  • Wesley Community Centers, Inc. (Atlanta, GA) – a 107-year-old agency that provides free home repair services to senior citizens. Web site:

To read the Grand Prize winner profiles, visit

Now for the best part…starting this week, we will be scheduling conferences for our winners with Inc. Magazine’s Small Business Consultant and our Business Continuity expert, Donna Childs, as well as a host of other experts from Comcast, Microsoft, HP and more. It will be an exciting time for our winners and for all of us at Comcast too.

We’re really looking forward to watching these businesses use technology to take their businesses to the next level. And, we’ll post an update about their progress and how each business has utilized their prizes.