It’s almost time to roll out the red carpets and slip on the Armani evening gowns for the 62nd annual prime-time Emmy Awards. Of course the best way to gear up for the Emmys is to get familiar with the nominated shows. Before I started interning here at Comcast, I honestly didn’t watch much TV - with the exception of an occasional afternoon with Oprah and a late night with Food Network’s Unwrapped. As an intern in the Corporate Communications department, I work closely with the folks who program On Demand, gathering information in order to write press releases about what’s new and what’s hot.

Currently, On Demand offers 40 of this year’s Emmy nominated shows including The Good Wife, True Blood and Nurse Jackie to name just a few. With this information in mind, I find myself more often than not, coming home from a day at the Comcast Center to watch episodes of the shows I never caught before. During this year’s Emmys, I’ll be rooting for my new favorites Mad Men and The Closer. Not only will I be looking forward to the buzz about who wore what, but also the morning after murmur around the office.

With my internship winding down, I have a whole new perspective about television. How it works behind the scenes is just as interesting as the end result. Working on a variety of projects here has given me a new perspective as to how many thousands of shows and programs viewers have access to on television, and On Demand.

The Emmys will be hosted by Jimmy Fallon on August 29th – and believe me when I say that it’s not too late to start watching this year’s nominees!