The Internet has evolved to become a key part of how we experience entertainment, access content, and connect with friends and family. In today's connected home, it's crucial to have the best connection speeds to make the most of the time your family spends online.

That's why we're pleased to announce that Comcast has been named the one of the fastest Internet providers in the nation according to PC Mag. This accolade underscores the work we've been doing to provide our customers with the best in-home Internet experience. It's due in part to our fiber optic network, which has been built for growth and provides the platform for us to push the boundaries of innovation.

It's this industry-leading network that has also helped us earn the title of one of the fastest business Internet providers in the nation by PC Mag. As a matter of fact, Comcast performed 39 percent better than its closest competitor on average download speeds. As our SMB customers looks to reduce IT costs and adopt more cloud-based solutions, a speedy Internet connection is crucial if they wish to maintain a competitive advantage. The results of this test speak for themselves and we're thrilled our SMB customers are reaping the benefits of our advanced network and communications solutions.

And we're not going to stop there. Whether it's the speeds they receive, or how they make the most of those speeds in their connected home, we're going to keep innovating and redefining the Internet experience for our customers. More to come!

*PC Mag 2011 rating based on review of customer data from